Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Good evening.
To you. And to my blog.

Classic me, eh?

Got busy with something, abandoned the blog and left all the wonderful stories I experienced untold. Yea I have tons of things I need to spill in here. I got tons of blessings I urgently have to praised, in here.

But I have not much time.
So is this how working actually feels like???

Yea well keep the answer, let's make a brief blog post and go.
And so it efficiently showed that this is how working is like: rushing.

So let's get back to what happened after I flew back from Vietnam and Cambodia. Yes, graduation ceremony. The rehearsal, the day. Said goodbye to the lecturers and staffs, to most friends I never met again with after, and to weekly money. Yes, mommy and daddy were so proud of me finishing college, but it meant that I now had to stand on my own, eh? :)

Then came the jobless phase. Well, jobless from the outside. Internally, I made myself busy with some initiative project of my own. It's my long lost dream I've always had when I was a little. And now it's entering the last phase of finishing. Lord I'm so grateful for everything. Excited as well. Well sorry I can't tell you now because I want this to be a sweet surprise for everybody. Especially for myself.

Anyway, that I'm-looking-jobless-but-actually-I-was-doing-something-big time was the best for me. I got to enjoy my post-graduation lazy days, free as a sophomore on a summer break, except this kind of summer wouldn't turn to autumn because there were be no more semesters ahead of me. Yea it was good. Until I realize, I need money.

So I got myself employed part time as a social media staff. Cool eh? Part timer. I'll earn money, but I don't have to go to the office. But things got more complicated so the next thing I knew, I had to go to the office twice a week. Then I got employed as a freelance writer. Compacted. Now the free time I had for the last 30 days, just swept away like dusts.

I didn't intend to apply as a full time employee because I had two upcoming trips. One upcoming trip for now, because I just finished the one to Bali last weekend -will tell it on a separate post. So it'll be Macau next April, and I have to work my ass off so that I'll be able to waste some cash in China.

So umm, whoops, I typed too much already.
Felt so great to be able to write again.
Sorry, blog, for being too busy.
Wish me luck in everything.


Brief post, eh Vick?
Ya that's fine, it's been so long anyway.
This blog's losing the sense of its humanity.
It just needs constant touch

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