Sunday, April 13, 2014

What Victors Deserve

When I'm addicted to something, sometimes I do useless stuff in order to maximize my personal experience and interest towards that something. Let's say, The Hunger Games for example.

I finished reading all the three books. Long ago. I kept waiting the casts updates for their upcoming movies. I kept clicking the links appeared in The Hunger Games wiki. I bought the guide book of The Hunger Games. I even fantasized of being one of the contestants and--whoa okay I'm telling you too much. Let's get back to the book thingy.

Okay so I really have that guide book. It's pretty interesting tho, to know some new facts I never discovered before. While some others are stuff I already knew about The Hunger Games. But that was fine because mostly, my main objective was to relive the euphoria of reading the trilogy.

After all I enjoyed reading it.

Although, got to admit there's something missing. Something a Hunger Games fan would really love to know from a source, which entitling itself as a "guide book". Yes, young men and women, it's

The List of The Hunger Games Victors

Caroline Carpenter, the author, must've forgotten about that crucial thing. Or, she didn't have a list of the exact victors. Well Suzanne Collins may not have one either but I'm pretty sure she has at least one, inside her mind, about the complete list of the victors. Which she didn't plan to share because she wanted to let her fans speculating as what I'm doing now!

So fellow tributes, I'm pretty sure you now know what this post is all about. Yes! I'm going to spill you the list of complete Hunger Games victors, like I know if it's true or not! Well at least, I can say that this is actually an open discussion so if someone disagrees, there's always been that comment section below.

Shall we begin?

Okay so, let's do some basic math first. Up to the very end of the trilogy, we knew that there were 75 Hunger Games held, resulting the number of 75 winners, in which the 74th gave two yet 75th gave none. As much as 24 victors were called in again to contribute the Quarter Quell, leaving the other 51 victors unknown. Well, since you must've known Haymitch Abernathy, Annie Cresta and Lyme, I gotta say that there are actually 48 victors left unknown, 16 of which had died of natural courses.

Wow that's one complicated paragraph I did eh? So let's recap. We now have 27 known victors and 48 unknown ones. Now, how do we know which district these 48 victors were from? Well I have no idea myself either, but let's just assume! We can't ever find out the exact answer anyway, unless if out of nowhere Ms Collins gives a visit to this humble blog and read this post, discovering fake facts about the victors and contacting me to give the original list--okay now Vick, skip the meaningless imagination and let's just assume!

OKAY! We all know that district 12 only has 3 victors of all time, so let's cross 12 off the list of those 48 unknown victors' origins. And we all know that most games were won by the Career Pack, so let's give the major portion of spots to district 1, 2 and 4. District 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are considered as mid-class districts, so let's give each of them 2 victor spots. While the remaining ones, 10 and 11, each will have one spot.

Damn it's getting more confusing eh? Haha so let's calculate. Unknown victors from district 1 were 10, 2 were 14, 4 were 10, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 each has two so the total will be 12, while 10 and 11 combined is 2. 10 plus 14 plus 10 plus 12 plus 2 will be? 48. Perfect.

Now let's just randomly put the numbers on the list, and there you go!

Wow I'm actually doing this. I been wondering about the past victors, the past games and stuff, and I never thought I'd be the one telling myself about the info I been looking for. Lol well, Ms Collins, if you happen to see this list, please forgive my smart-ass self and just let me play with my fantasy. I can't ever find such list so there's no harm in making it myself yes?

Now I'm feeling like a geek.
But well yea I don't care that much.
I'm always hungry for The Hunger Games.
And the past victors are hungry to be memorized,

May the title be ever in your favor

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