Sunday, May 4, 2014

Classic Me


Understood the title already? Haha so I guess you had this script about how this post might end up yes? It'll be like oh shit, it's been a while, oh Lord I feel so bad abandoning this blog, oh sorry I been away traveling and in the end, I'll label myself

"Oh classic me."

So yes it's been a while and I feel so bad abandoning this blog, it's because I was traveling. Oh wow, traveling again??? You didn't even make an oath -or should I say, a bragging post noticing every single people on earth that in a month or two, you'll be traveling somewhere?- out of any trip like what you always been doing!? Where is it again now??

Chill out, dude, you asked me a lot.

I'm sorry, this was seriously out of nowhere. Unlike any other trip I did before, I prepared for everything like a year before I departed. This one, surprisingly, I bought the tickets like several weeks before the date. I even bought the departing flight from Jakarta four days before the date!

Yea doesn't sound like me. And to be honest, for sure, I'd never do this kind of trip again. The fare broke my wallet and hurt my heart so bad.

But I needed this trip. Because I got permission from my boss already, and I might not have this kind of chance, you know, leaving whenever I want to because starting from June, I'll be working like a regular employee.

Plus, it's summer.
Well, not in Indonesia of course.
But sunny, bright and summer, in Pilipinas

Pescador in Moalboal and Pasig in Manila

Yea I went there. The Philippines. 7 days. 4 cities. Manila, Cebu City, Oslob and Moalboal. And all of them was like, spontaneously. I never planned to visit that one(s). I didn't make a proper itinerary, I didn't even equip myself with some travel guide books.

But I live in spontaneity.
The sparks continuously surprise me.
But umm, I'm bored of using word "spontaneous"
So I'll try using something odd, and will start calling this trip

A Lavety

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