Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stampede in Our Heart

It was a fresh morning. Full of joy.
As my young brother's having his birthday,
My family and I sat together praying for him...

Then something really heartbreaking came into the screen of my phone. About somebody I adore so much, but never in my entire life I declared that outloud. Until today. His death.

Robin McLaurin Williams
(1951 - 2014)

Pic's from here.

One fine, true entertainer.
I'm sure everybody's with me about that.

He appeared on my early life, and still counting. As a jungle survivor, a reverend, a former American president, he even starred in the cartoon franchise I always been a fan of, became the guess on the 90s sitcom that I'm still watching till now, and finally, took a main role as somebody in advertising agency. The series I've been planning to start watching, about the field I'll be doing for my living.

Never thought he gave so much joy to us. Since earlier today when I woke up, everybody in the social media couldn't stop grieving about him. He stole millions of hearts, apparently, ranging from young to old, male or female, race to race.

I don't care about how he died. And how people judged about how he died. I don't care at all. His appearance during my childhood, his constant adoring existence during my growing up stages, and his never ending cheerful smile... Those outshine to be what matters the most.

I can see it's not just the loss of Hollywood.
It also became my loss, my friends', my generation.
Gadget kids nowadays, out of the X and Y generation,
Would have no idea at all about how crushing this is to us.

I'm not even sure they know who he was.
And how magical his touches were, even from the TV.

Can't remember where I got this pic from, the thing is, it's not mine.

Well, Mr Robin Williams,
Rest in peace, my childhood buddy.
Wherever you go, how long you'll ever be,
No matter what anybody says,
You'll always be a prince to me

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