Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hopes On

Remember my new goal for the rest of this year?
Sure you do, it's openly stated throughout my previous post.

And can you guess why I'm bringing this up now? Well, yea, because I just began accomplishing little by little, my dream of fully discovering my mother country Indonesia. It's within the hometown. But way off shore. Yes, what else but the Thousand Island.

It was a sudden call. First long weekend of May, and my initial plan was to go to Singapore. But one thing lead to another, mission to the land of lion then was aborted. On Wednesday. And I was like, fuck it--my first long weekend after started working, and I'm not going anywhere.

But God knows that this ambitious creature He created 23 years ago is, purely ambitious. So He lighted up the way, cleared up my pissed-off mind, and summoned me a calling straight from a striking island I never even heard before.

Harapan Island.

I didn't expect this view, really.

I joined an open trip. Alone, of course, as usual. And guess what. I booked my spot only two days before the departure. My whole family was like, what the hell--how could you switch destination so fast? I know I was being too selfish but hey, it's my ambition we're talking about. So off I went to the island, on Saturday morning.

Well to be honest, I took this trip for granted. I mean, what's so good about it, it's still Jakarta. Compared to Bali, Gili or worse yet, Bangka, I was pretty sure that other beaches I have been to were way better than this one. So why did you go there, a$$hole? Well I haven't been to Thousand Island before, and this could be my chance, remembering that I don't always have long weekends so I booked the tour, got on the boat, sailed 2.5 hours and...

Got my ass blown away.

I didn't believe what I saw. Crystal blue water, with yum fishes above my feet. Fresh ocean breeze lingered my way down from the boat, still mesmerized, and hypnotized me to walk deeper inside the vibrant fishing village inland. Then I started to make fool of myself because I been underestimating Harapan.

First impression rocked, second impression stunned. The tour guide brought me and my newly assembled group of strangers -which I'll tell you more about on the next post- to two snorkeling spots. And to be honest, again, underwater charm on both islands were almost as good as Menjangan's. So I was like, next time, I'll just go here instead of dragging my poor soul all the way up to the northwest of Bali. But still, Menjangan stays on top of my list.

My point is, I just didn't expect the island to be this sick. Well Harapan is like one of the northernmost island of Thousand Island regency so no wonder if it's still damn clean but, still, I didn't expect this to slam me that hard in my face. And it's not just the underwater scene only. The beaches, the island forest, the dock, the village, oh Lord everything! I liked every single thing I saw there and felt much of a grateful because I picked out Harapan as my first experience in Thousand Island, making me super curious about the other mysteries it has in other islands.

Seconds after I arrived at home, I thought I wouldn't suffer my signature post-holiday syndrome I always felt in each of my abroad trip. Well why should I, the trip was still within my hometown.

But then I was all wrong.
It's been a week, and I haven't moved on.

Because apparently, no matter where I travel, no matter how long the trip is, I'll end up sitting there on the verge of my bed, thinking of all the things I did during my wonderful journey, unique people I met, and so on, and so on.

But mostly, thinking about the hope I just saw.
Hope that Indonesia's potentials will roar in no time.
Hope that this trip will ignite me to explore even more.
Hope that in 15 years, I'll finish my world travel and say,

"You're the best trip ever, Indonesia"

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