Friday, May 1, 2015

Sounds Like a Plan?

First of all, happy May Day.

I know, I’ve been off too long I only posted… ONCE!? HOW COULD I—HOW IS THIS EVEN—okay. I’ve been busy. I got a job, a permanent one -don’t interrupt yet, please, thank you- though that can’t be the sole reason.

This new job is nice, really, but gotta admit that I’m still not yet busy. So I look for many other things to do, SECRET things to do that of course I’ll uncover everything when the time comes. And that’s why I’ve been pretty idle in blogging.

Speaking about my permanent job, well, as every first jobbers have for their first year, I will not get any single day off for the next 450 days. Yeay? Super. And just a sec after I realized that, something struck me right on my heart. I’ll have to give up the most essential part of my life: traveling.

Shit. One whole year, or at least six to nine month, without even at least browse flights to buy ticket? I better make the most of benefits I can enjoy from doing this job, so I’ll always wake up smiling from my beauty sleep. So yeah first of all, the money’s good. Secondly, I’ll get some cute additional gimmicks because this company I’m now working for, it’s big.

And finally, well, this one’s what I like.

I’ll be forced to stay long enough in Indonesia.

Komodo's Kanawa Island, pic belongs to Wikipedia.

Which means, it’s time to explore deeper within my country. Where people from all around the globe travel all the way from their respective boring countries, to my tropical haven getaway, while I’m gone doing some traveling somewhere abroad.

Giving a lot of thoughts about nearby places I can visit in each short weekend, or somewhere further during longer religious holiday, or better yet, doing extreme sneaking trip for long weekends –which there are ridiculously so many long weekends we’ll have in two months, ahh Lord it goosebumps me in each hair of my body! I know it’ll drain out all the money I earn but hey, I work for this.

And that’s why I kept myself busy from doing some other things. Which money I’ll earn, will be actually saved for my future. My side, common future.

Because my real future,
Is definitely from traveling.
Oh I love this scheme

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