Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tale as Old as Time


Well ripple effects do work. I was late to start writing about the first topic, so I'm gon' be even later to talk about this. And the next one after this, and the next one after that. But ya I don't care, because still, it's about childhood. And there's no such thing as too late when it comes to childhood.

This time it's the other part of my childhood: Disney.
And what did Disney do lately that I'm bringing this up? You know

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I've always watched the live action version that Disney had released so far. No, not that I'm into them and been expecting for them eww no—I'm a die hard fan of Disney classic, hand-written version -oh yeah, Moana, Big Hero Six, and all those 3D animated thingy were good, but still I prefer something like The Princess and the Frog- and all these live action shits, I only watch them to see if they're good enough for me to adore. And to see how far they ruined their own creation.

So there are already four? Five Disney live action movies so far? Yea around that number and to begin with, I hated Alice in Wonderland because it was all too trippy and color-shocking. I hated Maleficent because the Aurora isn't cute as I expected, and I hated The Jungle Book because it was too dark and having too much animation -plus I hate kids who act like adults. I liked Cinderella because it was pretty nice. They made a little twist to the storyline, but it was fine. And for Beauty and the Beast, well,

It's the best so far.

I adore how they stick to the original plot. It's like watching the classic version, only now it's alive—and that's how a live action works, right?! You shouldn't have made changes here and there to make it different from the original one, no, you should stay to what's been made in the past, because that's how you stole the fans' heart!

Beauty and the Beast did just what I expected. The storyline, the characters and their names, the SONGS, ahh the songs, they really know how to please old fans—sing the same damn songs from the original one! Still I'm not a big fan of its much-too-overwhelming-3D-DI-things, plus the furniture are pretty creepy and not lovely like the original ones but, it's all still tolerable, really.

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Well they said that there are 19 more on the line. 19 what? 19 live action films, of course! And Mulan is one of them! Crazy, huh? Well not really, if what they are doing is similar to what they did for Beauty and the Beast.

Because Lord, I don't want to see Snow White fighting,
I don't want to see Mufasa die of drowning in a river,
I don't want to see Tinkerbell saying even a word,

All I want to see is a childhood Disney tale,
That is true as it can be

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