Sunday, May 28, 2017

Drive You Crazy

I may sound cliche.

Because every time, every single time, EVERY SINGLE FVCKING TIME I just finished a trip, I'd always be like "Oh my God, that was the best trip yet".

You know what? I don't care.
Call me cliche, call me typical or what not
But this last trip I just did was so spectacular that,

It became the best.

The best, In driving me crazy.

It ended exactly one week ago, and I just couldn't stop thinking about literally everything. My flight down south, Gold Coast's beaches and theme parks, Sydney's city elegance and natural beauty, Melbourne's chill atmosphere, all the people I met, all the songs I sang, it all kept playing the very seconds I flew back north up till like, this minute.

I don't want to compare it to Japan, because these two trips are different. But one thing that I can tell you is, that returning from Japan, I was like okay, that was undoubtedly the best trip so far for Vicky Amin and I'd really LOVE to come back. But after Australia,

Okay, that was undoubtedly the best trip so far for Vicky Amin and I HAVE to come back.

Nah, I don't know what that means, although no, I know what that means. I'm just trying to be fair to Japan, but I can't tell no lie,

I love it.
I really love it.

And now it all makes sense why my mom, people I know who once traveled to or lived in the land of kangaroo, and my friends who are still there now refusing to go home, really love it. It all makes sense why they keep bragging about it, because I feel like I'll be doing the same.

I may be saying this because I just finished the trip. It's still fresh, the euphoria, the excitement. And being as cliche as I am, I may be forgetting what I just said here about Australia, and considering the next trip to Korea, India, Europe, or Latin America, as the best one yet.

But. At least,
It's only Australia, that I promised I'd go back to.

Because that's the typical thing you say,
To the special someone or something that
Drives you crazy. No?

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