Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Ready! I'm Ready!

It was so dark and comfy in my room when I was just woken up from my nap several hours ago. Then, out of nowhere, Spongebob came inside my TV.

What a blast! It was a right time for sure. And it wasn't a common episodes of that yellow thing, but it's the story of making Spongebob.

It told how Stephen Hillenburg began all his works, where he was inspired from, crews and voice casts of the cartoon and how they work, fans around the globe, and all the phenomenal things caused by Spongebob.

Nah, I'm not gonna talk about that. I do like Spongebob but, not now. The things I wanna share is... Well, I'm so fired up when I saw the casts. Yeah, I'm totally interested in dubbing.

It's so exciting! You got your very own cartoon character. You act how they act when you're voice acting. People won't recognize that you're the actor until you show them and they will mumble, "Ooh," or "Wow," in astonishment and somebody ask, "How could you do that?" to you right after.

Gosh, I want--I absolutely want to be a voice actor.

But well... Unfortunately here in Indonesia, dubbing is not so overwhelming. Yeah, maybe because we don't produce our own cartoon so there are no chemistry between the cast and the character. Some do, but not all.

No worries. Obsession will be obsession. Who knows, God will send me to US and I got a chance to cast something there haha AMEN O GOD!

- Spongebob and his voice actor, Tom Kenny -
images from here and here

Oh, one more!
Since I'm a student of communication science,
Being a dubber won't be so difficult, don't you think?
So thank God I'm already on my track!

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