Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Behold The Future, Set Aside The Past, Play Nice Oh My Nation

tonight will be a super huge day ever for us, Indonesians
you can guess what, it is the

Second Leg of AFF Cup Final Match
The Sudden Death One

so, what's so special about that? well...
there'll be a lovely encounter with our favorite neighbor,
who else but Malaysia

i can't come to be one of the witnesses
it's an oh so fvckin' facts that i heard yesterday
why can't i? final exam?
no, predicted riot's the reason
and it sets me on the most upset mode of myself

i'm so sorry that i can't stand by you guys
HA, am i that important? no, of course not
there are thousands of other supporters there to scream the cheer

i'm nervous
of what? final exam?
nah, not really

well i'm just worried of seeing this tonight

yeah i know, we should be optimistic somehow
but still, being realistic sometimes needed
so when we can't get what we want,
hearts won't be hurt

and men, i've heard a rumor about this
a bad conspiracy of the match
so bad like, B-A-D

but i'm sure, and i hold a flawless faith in this
that the right one will conquer
that the bullied one will purchase the justice
that the excluded one will deserve the best

so who cares what the globe said?
who cares what the damn bastard neighbor did?
who cares what~what will happen if we fail?

no, i don't
i don't give a sh*t
win or lose, i'll support you
cliche? yes! yes it is!
but once again, i don't care

come on Garuda, this is it!
set the blaze for us
battle their cheats with fairness
resist their insults with hospitality
fight back laser-raid with... no laser!

and don't you worry
because we got your back
and we'll cheer 'till the end

~Good Luck

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