Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's Start From Zero

remember about the time i was on fire to have my own favorite football team? when i thought that becoming one of a club's supporters would be so exciting? well, i've finally found it. one of the English Premier League top club; Liverpool

... top club
well, they're not

they're now in their miserable phase. lost from most clubs--even small ones, kicked to the lower ranks, underestimated by people around the globe. sigh, am i choosing the wrong club?

well... i ain't!

supporting a club from their gloomiest moment is so fun, especially when i got my emotion roller-coastered. i can't wait for the time when i really into them like, REALLY. i'll sacrifice everything just to put my butt in front of the TV, act like an idiot along the drama

okay, i'm done with this post and--
ah look! here comes another loss :')

cheer up, mister! lots of chances lie ahead

image source: here

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