Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Year of Mine, The Year of Ours

Guess what? It'll be my last post of the year, I suppose. Yea because tomorrow I'll be having my holiday and the day after tomorrow we'll live in a year called 2011.

I'm sure I'm gonna miss this year.
The year when I learned just so many priceless things in my live.
The year where I feel twelve different euphoria on each month.

Struggles, pressure, worries, relieves, freedom, supports,
Unemployment, adaptations, patience, excitements, responsibilities
And resolution.

Blend all together, forming a massive year of 2010.

It's a long long journey I had.
And lots of lots of stories I shared.
With many many friends I've always loved.

I totally love this year.
Never thought it'd end this fast.
But it won't disappear that fast.

Wait, eleven pictures representing twelve months?
Oh gotcha, I forgot this one--resolution...
Well, I hope... I hope...
2011's just as friendly as 2010

P.S. : this post was inspired from my friend Nisa's. thanks, Sis

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