Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Now Tell Me, When Could I?

I participated in some writing contest held by Australian Embassy for Indonesia. Well it was so spontaneous, I knew the info from my senior's tweet and I happened to tried my luck.

Several weeks ago, a Facebook account named "Kedubes Oz" added me. I was so shocked, mesmerized and got happily panic. I wondered how could this kind of account, out of nowhere, wanted to be my friend. Yet on the same time something really really tiny inside me convinced me that I won the prize.

Well, that was half true. I was titled as one out of ten finalists who were still competing for the trip. And I got a whole lot more excited. I was one step closer to the island of Kangaroo. Just needed to answer several questions they asked and matched my schedule with theirs and... Ahoy Matey, Welcome to Aussie!

But um... I lost, as usual.
I know I have no luck in this kind of things.
Competitions, contests, lucky draws, shits...

Now I started questioning myself.
Am I really good in this?
Is this really my call?

If yes, now please tell me
When could I?


  1. you can always try next time..

    1. yea that's what i think until i failed again the next time i tried haha. well that's alright actually, maybe it was just not my time ;)

      anyway thanks for visiting and leaving comment :D

  2. it's not that you're not good. everybody else was just better than you...err....mudah2an lo nangkep maksud gue.

    i mean that: elo emang bagus, tapi sayangnya finalis lain lebih bagus (dalam hal persiapan, penulisan, grammar) sehingga elo, kali ini, belum berhasil.

    tapi percayalah, you'll make it someday, man! :)

    1. haha iya nangkep kok nangkep. emang lagi jenuh aja kalah mulu makanya muncul deh postingan ini haha

      and yea i know i'll make it someday ;)
      makasih banyak yaaa mase semangatnya!! \m/