Saturday, September 29, 2012

When The World's Against You

I assume that you all know 9GAG. Yes, that global boredom killer website that when you're browsing that, you'll be feeling like enjoying your own story of your life.

Cause it talks so much about the golden age of 90s.
Cause it tells you your daily facts that you're barely aware of.
Cause it hates so much about Justin Bieber and all those Twilight saga.

Then it makes you feel like the whole universe is on your side. You bookmarked it on your desktop, and installed the app inside your smartphone. Your life is all about the web.

Until finally, you realized that one of your idol was started to be made fun of on that site. The role model you've been idolized lately, and you're still so in love with.

Yes, 9GAG hates Pitbull.

This can not be.

Everybody knows how much I love that Cuban man. Everybody knows how effort-ful my story was when that Mr Worldwide thing came here to Jakarta. Everybody knows how uncomfortable I am when I found out that my juniors' dancing group's catchphrase is 'Dale!'

And now that the part of my life is confronting my idol,
All I can do is preparing for some counterattacks.

Pitbull's not that bad. Pitbull's not ruining everybody else's songs by get featured with. Pitbull's not violating the music industry by mixing English and Latino.

It's not the fact that Pitbull's appearance is almost everywhere that bugged you, 9GAGers.
It's the fact that you're not Pitbull, that disturbed you and had you insulting him.

Think again :)