Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finest Sick I Ever Suffered

Once, there are two fictional super annoying characters named Monica Geller and Sheldon Cooper. She's from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and he's from The Big Bang Theory. Although they are irritating, most likely to be hated or something, I uh, find them attractive.

Picture of hers was obtained from here, while his was from here

Why? Because they're my people.

So there are times when I want everything is right in order. Where all things are placed, structured and organized in where they are supposed to be. When every single detail, or how those details work, is uniformed well.

This, is what people call as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 
Yes, it's an illness, actually, but it's not something that might kill you.

Those two guys I mentioned earlier are exactly the same, as me. Sheldon can't stand seeing untidy rooms, and brains, that work different from his way of thinking. While Monica... Monica, ahh she's the master of OCD I must refer her as the goddess of this.

Me? Pretty much the same. Like how this blog works, for example. Ah well it's all under the rule of this OCD thingy. And there are some other things!

I don't like seeing my room messy -just don't like, but sometimes I'm too lazy to clean that up so I have to suffer a massive OCD attack each and every day. Also I have to order my money in my wallet from the smallest to the biggest nominal, with those heroes faces out. Then I always rename contacts my friends saved on my phone, to similize the pattern as any other contacts inside. I can't even stop thinking why Agumon and Gabumon did Digivolve up to the Mega Level while the others stuck only at Ultimate! It bugged my childhood a lot!

Weird, eh? For us, everything has to be perfect.

Like last night. When I went to Sushi Groove. I ordered Mayo Dream Roll and Twisted Chicken Karaage. Long after, it was down to two bites; one chicken and one roll. Well, since I wanted the best for my dining experience, it took me long enough to decide which one to be eaten first, and which one could be the best closure of my meal.

The pain didn't end, yet. When the bill came up and my credit card handled it all, the waiter told me that actually I could use their student promo to obtain like 15% discounts. What. The. Hell. Why didn't you tell me earlier, I cursed her down inside myself. Up 'till now I'm typing this word, I still can't stop thinking of how happy I could be if I paid those meals less.

It's not because I'm cheap,
Not even because I'm stingy,
It's all because subconsciously,
I want everything works perfectly


  1. i'm sadly your exact opposite....and i wish i am more tidyyyyyy sometimes haha

    1. Actually when it comes to tidiness, like room tidiness, I'm not that maniac. But when it comes to everything-should-be-right-in-order, there I'll go wild haha.