Monday, November 12, 2012

Call For 90s Kids, Come In 90s Kids!

You remember back then, when MTV used to air lots and lots of music videos? Yea well honestly I didn't, because on that time I was still too young. But what I heard from some people, MTV rocked each of their days.

Today, they play less high quality music for some stupid, non-sense uninteresting TV shows instead. And kids our age started complaining. Said that they--well, WE, missed the old MTV.

Yea? You agree uh? Well, let's try to stop whining. Why, because MTV starts counter-attacking us and blame us 90s kids as the main villain of what we've been moaning about.

You better see this.

Sounds silly, eh? But let's sit back and think about what Mr Destiny said on that video. And be honest to all of us. Subconsciously, after seeing that clip, you know you're a part of MTV's decreasing number of music video. Right?

So maybe, once again we need to stop complaining.
Although, well, that's not what I'm concerned about, actually.

"Admit it. You're getting older. You're afraid. Soon, you'll be totally irrelevant to pop culture. Face down."
-- Michael Destiny

That, is it

Video source: here

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