Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spot The Difference

On the previous post, when I was about to describe how Chaka Khan performed the night I attended The Hitman concert, I said that I was gonna talk about it next. And I guess now it is.

So yea I happened to see her -and even heard her name- for the first time there, by the concert. Never before, never ever. She looked so energetic, fired up and all psyched. Speaking of appearance, she's sort of small, height-wise. But she's brave, you know like, "all out" if you know what I mean.

Here, here, take a deeper look at her.

What do you think, huh? Similar to someone?
Yea. Yea, I guess so; similar. To her.

It's hers. I got this from her own twitter

Speak no more! They might be mother and daughter, I thought. The first time Chaka came to the stage, I couldn't help but calming myself and tried to stop me from matching her with Nicki Minaj!

And their performance, Lord, so identical! So passionate, so powerful, danceful, loud and, don't forget, seductive. You can even see some curves here, there and everywhere, if you know what I mean.

About voices, well Chaka's was unbelievable. My friend even joked that she could create high pitched voice with no effort seemed. Nicki's not as marvelous as hers, but I like her raps. I like her, as a matter of fact. Although my girlfriends think that she's slutty and disgusting, I don't know, I still find her attractive. In a humor way, anyway.

Overall they're so, so each other. The appearance, the outfit, the gesture, the extra show, if you know what I mean, are kinda twin-like.

Chaka's portrait's from here, Nicki's from here

But yea telling this won't make you just agree with me straight away.
You got to see how each of them perform on stage.
Then you'll know what I mean

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