Friday, December 28, 2012

Saltwater Mistletoe

Ho, ho, ho...

So christmas is finally over. But umm, okay this one this year was the best I ever felt -since I never celebrated one, anyway. But in spite of experiencing it in polar-like ground, I rocked the christmas in the sandy land of Bali!

It was just four-days-escaping-self-from-those-freaking-exams getaway but, damn fun! We didn't go to Kuta, Sanur or any other places we usually go. We stayed at Seminyak, and our beachy itineraries were... Umm... Don't tell anybody okay?

Those were secret beaches!

Yes, secret! These are anti-mainstream beaches that are not what come up to mind once people plan to go to Bali.

So by the first day we went up to Jimbaran. Tough road, I must say because we rode through many turns, ups and downs, and stuff. If you ask me to get you there, I don't think I might remember.

But gotta tell ya, the place is paradise. People call that Tegal Wangi. On that day, there were only some people, thank God, and the ambient was... indescribable. The cool thing was, you have to walk down some steep steps of rocky path to get the beach.

On day two, we went down south to Benoa area. Today we planned to go to the southernmost point of the island, and paid a visit to this beach called Pandawa. White sand, clear sky, nice wind blowing... The only thing that's missing was the silence. Yea, this beach is much more crowded than Tegal Wangi.

But that's alright. Because the journey to this beach, as one of my friends said, was dramatic. So we had to take a quiet long ride. Then entered some cut-off valley -which looked like a mighty entrance gate- until finally we reached this corner where you can see the wide sea right before your very eyes. God, writing this can't ever picture the real scenery!

Anyway, besides those new tourist spots, I also dedicated this trip to explore some new culinary experience. So yeah, my friends introduced me to these two restaurants named Warung Kolega and Warung Italia!

I never planned to blog this so I didn't take any photograph of Warung Kolega.
So the left pic is from here, while the right side is from here

Warung Kolega was more about Javanese food. Like warteg, as you know it. While Warung Italia, yea I don't think I have to tell what it is. So one thing that makes me want to share about this two eating places is because they set a very, very cheap price for the foods. And the concept's kinda cute. You pick what you want to eat from the buffet, they'll give you the price tag of those food and, you eat first then pay later.

What an experience! I prepared quiet much for this. I mean, for the christmas. Picked red and green rubber for my brackets, wore red-themed shirts for the christmas eve and the christmas itself and of course, wore the Santa hat all day long! Including airport and the plane :p

With a friend from Australia. Argh if only you could see my braces... They're so christmasy!

Never been so ready for christmas.
Can't wait to do the same next year and-
Oh anyway, talk about next year... Santa?
Can I please step on snow rather than sand?

P.S. : Amen to what I wished ;)

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