Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby, I'm A Firework

Last year, after I succeeded surviving the worst year I thought I had ever faced, I told myself that the following year would be a whole lot better year to walk through.

God saved something good for me, I entertained myself. Way good enough that He made 2011 that suck to give this year a nice one to be grateful about.

And I was right.
2012 was so wonderful.
Can't even stand to say goodbye.

I experienced a lot.
I learned a lot.
I felt a lot.

I explored myself high, like a firework.
And sparked while the world enjoying.

Now I'm ready for 2013.
Another amazing year I'm sure I'll have.

So welcome, the year of human-race-survival-celebration.
Goodbye, 2012 :)

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