Saturday, January 5, 2013

Buzz Off, You Jealous Creatures

I like Pitbull. A lot.
And people are against him, somehow.

I tried not to bother about that.
Until lately, one of my other idols is disturbed.

Her name is Nicki.

She's actually cool. She rapped like a pro. Her voice is not that bad, at all. And she's amusing as well! Although yea, I must agree, she's annoying. Her outfit, her eyes. But who cares, I like her!

Times ago, she was chosen as one of American Idol's new judges, came along with Mariah Carey -one of most beautiful lady I ever adored. I know, I know, compared to the diva, Nicki's just so so. But to be a judge of the talent show, guys, there's no harm in it!

She's got the skill. She's pretty unique to measure whether others' uniqueness are unique enough to be sold or not. She's a star, after all, that putting her on the show, could raise the attractiveness.

It's not the fact that Nicki's appearance on the judge's seat that bugged you, people.
It's the fact that you're not Nicki, that disturbed you and had you insulting her.

Think again :)

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