Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wipe The Duel, Up Out My Face

American Idol's back. Now is season 12. With brand new faces of Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. I never thought God loved me that much, He put not only one, but two of my favorite ladies as the new judges!

But then... You guys probably know what went wrong. Yeah, the catfight. Between the all-time diva, and the mesmerizing rapper. Damn. Ego bummed.

As Mariah shined bright way earlier than Nicki, people kept blaming Roman for the riot. They say that Mariah is just too soft, too classy to start the fight, and Nicki, seeing her 'fun' attitude in most of her performances, is rebel enough to be the provoker.

That could be right. And I could possibly buy it.
If I never know that Mariah's diva-ness is not annoying.

Carey's a princess. Glamour. Expensive. She's sometimes arrogant. She requires weird, complicated riders -20 white kittens and 100 doves could explain it all- and she even has the list of those bizarre stuff. Visually gentle and fragile, but skillfully shattering from the inside, if I can summarize.

And Nicki? She might not as wild as you thought about. On some battle against Mariah, she was the one who walked out. She actually looks up to her. She even considers to sign out being the judge for the live show because apparently, she's just looking for fun times from the audition. Although I guess her main reason to quit Idol is because she wants to avoid more feud against Mariah.

Please, women, I adore you both.
Let's get things back like 2010 when
You ladies were on the same scene, singing.

Seeing both of you calling each other's name
Giggling, dancing, supporting like that, it's relieving.

Then again I remember the fight between you two...

Well after all, I study communication.
I more or less know how basically most media works.
This conflict could possibly be set up. For the sake of the Idol's rating.

But if it's real...

Please, women, I adore you both.
I can't decide which side to be

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