Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cause I Rap With The Best, For Sure

Let's talk about hobbies. Well, I like singing. Discreetly. Like inside the bedroom, inside the bathroom, inside my heart, or among the crowds, but when nobody sees me tho. After all, I sing for myself.

And talk about singing. You know I like Pitbull. And Nicki Minaj. And Jason Mraz. And Black Eyed Peas. See the things in common from those singers?

Yes, they mastered wordplays. They rap.

Now talk about rapping. I like rapping. I do rap, sometimes. Well, most of my times. Especially in Pitbull's songs. In each and every single song of his, there's always the rap verse. And I can do that, some of that. Actually, I'm a shy bird and showing-off-not-of-a-kind guy. But when it comes to Pitbull's raps, I can't help but sing along.

Some of my friends noticed my rap skill. One of them even suggested me to develop my own YouTube channel of my own rap covers. Well that wasn't a bad idea. In fact, I've been thinking to do that.

It's not because I want to be famous, oh Lord, no way! I'll earn my fame in my own way. It's more like to, you know, distribute this uncontrollable desire of rapping somewhere decent. Also for me later on my old days, to remind the old me that when he was younger, he could do such cool raps.

Well, what do you think guys?
Geez no, ain't talking to you.
I was asking them instead.

Here are the links for Jason's, Nicki's, Pitbull's and BEP's pics

I do like singing.
After all, I sing for myself.
But for rapping, I can consider go public.

Haha who cares what others think.
Uncle Pitbull once said in one of his songs,

"It's my life,
Imma do what I do.
And if you don't like it
It's cool, f*ck you" :)

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