Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ninja Bailouts

Got to admit, it's so difficult to learn Japanese. Especially by myself. Having no class and no strict rules make me take the lesson for granted. Also with no lecturers and partners to speak Japanese with, every single thing I learned will be just gone the next second I close the book.

But hey, don't call me Vicky if I run out of ideas.

So just you know, I have a fling with Naruto anime. I guess I've told you this, but I don't know, I've always liked movies or series that consist of dozens of characters with their own specialties. Like Hunger Games.

And Naruto, well you see, the main characters are 12. It excludes their senseis, their relations, their allies, their enemies, their men from the past, and all of them, have their own unique skills.

One more thing that I like, is that these characters are somehow linked from one another. Like Naruto's mentor, Kakashi, used to be the student of Naruto's dad. And Naruto's dad, Minato, was the student of Jiraiya, who later on became Naruto's personal mentor and godfather. Such cool histories and relationships, don't you think?! Don't you??

Hmm, do I sound creepy and weird with all these talking?
Well stop thinking about that, because I watch Naruto for a reason.

Yes! To learn Japanese!

So I have this cool Naruto apps on iPad. It allows me to watch every single episode of Naruto Shippuden, without buffering -well it depends actually, since I use the home wi-fi, I've always had good times. But the coolest part is, the series are all in Japanese!!

It's like, when they start talking and I get what they say, I kept repeating it over and over again so I could remember what it is, and in what situation I should use it. It also helps me with expressions, tones, and... Pronunciations!

You see, Japanese has their own tones and certain pitch while having a conversation. And some words could sound the same with some words in Indonesian, but have a whole reversed meaning. Like "Iie" in Japanese means, "No". Sometimes it's pronounced like "Iya" which in Indonesia, means "Yes". Confused? No? Good.

So don't judge me weird because I watch anime.
I have my own defense mechanism and reasons.
It might be weird to you, but not at all for me.

Well, to be honest, I'm freak about the anime.
But umm guys, seriously, I can't help it.
Because when it comes to Naruto,
I turned geeky

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