Friday, October 18, 2013

Places Where Dreams Are Made Of

Okay so now I'm done being mellow about the US trip.
It's time for me to emphasize about how wonderful it was!

So yea it wasn't only New York. After a week spent on that indescribable city, my friends and I visited Washington DC for two nights before got back to NY.

There were too many, I repeat, too many stuff I witnessed, I thought was too amazing, that I had difficult time thinking of how to reveal it all here, without being seemed too, you know, carried away and, corny. But I guess now I know how to break it down into posts. Hope it'll make sense because I'm sure, there'll be too much sparks and excitements in each of those posts. And will possibly seem too, you know, carried away and, corny.

Well, I'm starting.
Don't get sick and tired okay?
You can always click the close button ;)

Who would've thought I could capture it myself? I just realized,
"who would've thought" is so the quote of the trip :)

Because no matter what,
I'll start spreading the news

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