Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And It Really Never Sleeps, Even in My Head


It's mid October already, but I haven't posted anything in here.
Yea. I was away for almost like, two weeks. You know where to.

It's New York.

Never thought that this kind of picture will be found inside my phone.

It was totally mind blowing.

Who would've thought I'd be able to walk the scenery I could ever only see in TV my whole life. I couldn't stop admiring, my breath couldn't flow properly. I can't even decide already which part to share in here, and how to tell that, because it's just too much.

And actually, I tried my best to delay writing about it. Because by writing about it, I recall every single details about it. By recalling every single details about it, I relive what I did. By reliving what I did, my heart breaks.

I can't move on. I'm still hung up. My three friends can't get over it.
We're just too carried away, we're just in love with New York too much.

Just this morning, I woke up with Miley Cyrus' song played subconsciously.
It's always been played the whole trip so it connects real strong with the city.

See? I just can't stop

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