Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taking Worldwide Citizenship

Hi. So, I'm guessing that you're getting tired of me keep talking about USA eh? Well... I'm sorry, but I don't care. This is just how I get over it. The impact was just too big. It kept appearing in my dream for like fourteen days in a row and stopped three days ago. Not just mentally, it also bugged me physically. My jetlag completely finished just two days ago. So now you know how much this trip really matters to me eh?

But I promise, this'll be the last one because it's the overview and for you who've been keeping up with my writings -is there any? :(- you knew that I've always made an overview by the end of my interesting trip.

So here it is, the summary of my journey to...


Now let's see what I can summarize about this trip.
There are too many, I tell you, so you better brace yourself.

I'm totally, like genuinely into traveling
No doubt. Traveling turns me on. Booking flights are the foreplays. Boarding the aircraft gives me tiny orgasm. Visiting places I could only read from books or see from TV, hanging out with locals, eat their dishes OH GOD those are all like having sex to me and going back home is like the post ejaculation sensation. Hm this topic is getting inappropriate but HEY, that's the truth.

Now let's tell some other truths. I've been thinking about switching my direction of professional world. From that harsh advertising world, to magazine kinda stuff I'm actually more attracted to, since I was a kid. But of course, a traveling magazine. It's still all about writing but now, there's this added value I can benefit, and that is just my other passion. Won't I be on fire all the time about that??

Oh. There's one more thing I learn from this trip. That everything's possible. All my life, USA was just a fantasy. Never once on my mind, I would actually go there. NY has always been something sacred to me and DC, never thought I'd go there. But now that I ever visited US, I have this huge huge confident about the upcoming, undecided, unexpected trips ahead in the future. Why can't I do visit any other places??

So who knows next year I'll spend a month observing animals in Serengeti?
Or travel from Kiev to Reykjavik and the other way around from Lisbon to Helsinki?
Or in two years I'll spend the whole year studying in Cali, spending summer vacation in Hawaii?

Everything seems to be un-impossible after that trip.
Including my dream to be somewhere else's local?

Yeah, at least I can be a global local

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