Friday, January 30, 2015


It's been a while.

Haha first post of 2015, and that's what I got to say. It's so me, yes? And I haven't changed, blog-wise. Always skipped writing, always let this thing abandoned, and obviously, always try to find excuses for the sleaze--well, I don't think I'm going to change any time soon for this habit.

Now, entering the "in my defense" part.

In my defense, I've been packed since the very first day of 2015. I was in Bali during the year's change, doing this crazy Menjangan trip that became the major highlight of all my Bali trips. I'm so going to talk about this in a separate post, some day in the future. Near in the future.

Then I returned, but only had one whole week before I had to start packing again because it was my annual solo trip time! See, I didn't even tell you this plan like I used to do, before Malaysia - Thailand and Vietnam - Cambodia. It just shows how I kept losing my willingness to write and--okay enough blabbering. So yea for this year, I went to Macau and Hong Kong. Another crazy trip. With all the unexpected scenes and all the great friends I made during the journey, wow, it's been a week since I returned and to be honest, I haven't completely moved on. And I'm so going to talk about this in a separate post, some day in the future. Near in the future.

And so we're here to my last excuse.

I've been pretty busy developing my path in travel writing career. Did I told you that I finally made an actual published article on some local travel magazine? Well yea I've been trying to extend my work lately. And it completely occupied myself from literally everything.

But I enjoyed it.
A lot like, this is what I want.

So blog, by this post I'm genuinely trying to express my apologies, towards all the possibilities that, umm, maybe for the time being I'd write much more in somewhere else, but... You...

But hey, you know what.
I won't ever stop writing here.
There's no way I'd give up on you.
My loyal friend, my writing pal.

I'm sorry
What was I thinking?

Forget about what I just said,
I'm here to say hi

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