Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Re-Calling: Piggy Bank

You do remember about the AirAsia promo I told you about earlier right?

I got those freakin' cheap airplane tickets to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok woohoo!! It means that by the early of 2013, if we made it on doomsday, I'll be flying to Malaysia and Thailand yaaayy!!

The image of Malaysia is from here, Thailand's from here

So do you remember back then, well, if you've been my loyal reader since 2010, in which I'm kinda sure I've lost some of my old readers already because by 2011 I happened to stop posting things due to some personal issues and--whoa, whoa easy, Vick! You're out of control...

Okay let's start over.

You remember back then, on 2011 when I planned to go to Bali with my friends, and I promised myself that I would save my money for the whole semester just to make sure I'm living in welfare on that trip? Okay if you forget, or yet if you don't know, just click here...

So yes, that's why I'm here. To state another oath to myself, to save my money for the rest of the year, and make things easy on my trip abroad! And here it is,

"I, Rifky Ramadhan Amin, will officially announce that on this fourth-to-fifth term of my college, I will rarely spend my money for flash-term pleasure things such as watching movies, eating out and buying things prodigally."
-Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok Trip Oath-

Soooo psyched!! Never done this before! And you know what, when I find out about these tickets, I got panicked and started to hunt them aggressively until by the time I had the tickets purchased, I just realized that...

I didn't ask anybody else to go with me.

And now the promo has finished and I'm still on my own.
This is so fvckin' awesome!! I'll be going abroad, ALONE!!
But ssshh, please don't tell my parents, cause if they know,
I may ruin my finest trip ever


  1. wah beneran? wkkwkwkw kapan2 ke Malay ya bgtw aja ya tar bisa jemput XD

    1. eh? emang lo tinggal dimana sih? haha gue sama sekali belom ngerencanain mau nginep dimana, jadi kalo ada tempat singgah... i do really, really appreciate it :')

    2. wkwkwkwk tw enggak kota Penang? gw d sini lho ~ = ) hehehehe tapi ya kalo loe bener2 ke Malay harusnya ke KL, Penang, Sarawak, Sabah, n bnyk lg tpi menurut gw antara sarawak, sabah n thailand mending pergi Thailand wkwkwkwk pulau2 d situh jauh lebih cantik, keren, asik n seru lagi = )

      wahhh bagus dong kalo bisa travel kan >.< gw aja si pengen jgk tpi g punya uang hahahaha

    3. nah gue kan belom tau nih mau kemana aja selama di KL, bisa dong ya nanti lo ngasih ngasih ide kemana mana aja gitu? atau nginep dimana yang murah? hehe