Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nice Move, Lads

I've been soaked deeper into the squad of Liverpool lately for the past five months.

From their darker days, oh Lord those depressing time where I was really kinda fed up of how they lost too often. Or ended up draw, against small clubs. And there was this meme of naked Brendan Rodgers, posing in a doggy style saying "Hey Champions League, I'm ready and waiting" and oh of course, not to mention the wastage of Champions League...

Damn got to say, it was, that, mentally exhausting. I'm not like the biggest fan tho, but still, who would've enjoyed their favorite team lost??

Then things got a bit better approaching the end of 2014. Slowly but sure the team minimized the number of loss, Simon Mignolet proved himself worth the position after Brad Jones kicked his ass for like, three weeks? I forgot -maybe during that phase Mignolet was having major breakdown that's why he's got good comebacks lately. Glen Johnson has smoothly been replaced by Kolo Toure and Mamadou Sakho, well to sum it up, Liverpool's waking up!

Until 2015 came, and turned out to be harvesting time for us fans.

They're back.

Pic's from here.

They've been fired up lately. Really. It's like, they're paying us back what we (emotionally) lost in the last semester. Sterling, Marcovic and our new rising star Coutinho, shit, they're like possessed. I can't be more excited for these youngsters, really. Including Emre Can. Who would've thought that the below 23s are the ones who control the team now!?

But what made me happiest is how the clumsy Simon Mignolet had increased. Second Leg of Capital One match against Chelsea was the time when I realized how cool this Belgian guy had become. And he's been pretty good since ever. Oh and yea, that match against Chelsea. We lost tho, but the game proved me much that the whole squad is now skilling up right.

The toppest conflict tho, happened on the last two games. Where the squad showed how high their quality has become in the last three months. And Sturridge is back on business. Made a goal just ten minutes after he's called on pitch against West Ham. We've been waiting for him like, forever, and we knew we've been longing him for a reason.

And last night's game, fvck, could it be any more intense!? I was actually prepared to be satisfied for losing -since that penalty goal was so unfair, unnecessary and unfortunate, but Sterling and Can's beautiful combo plus Coutinho's handsome goal entering the injury time, do you guys want me to kiss you?


I constantly wet my underpants watching them play.
And look how smart-ass-pro-like this post has become.
I never talked this football-scientific about Liverpool before.

But then, this whole journey from "Oh my God Liverpool, please, I'm tired of waking up in the middle of the night, just to see you guys got gangbanged!" to "Shit, this euphoria, we better keep it down before karma flipped the situation again" just made me-

-love the squad even more.

It's true that when you're there during their lost,
Even draw games satisfy you that much already.
And if in the end what you see is their victory,

It's like, orgasm

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