Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gracias, Dos Mil Catorce

Starting from 2012, by the end of the year, I gave a theme to the following year I'd be facing. 2013 was "The Year of Traveling, Maybe?".

And it was. I went solo traveling for the first time. To Malaysia and Thailand. For ten days. It fulfilled the theme already. But then Singapore, Bali twice and on top of all, USA, made it all complete. My hesitation shown by word "maybe", turned out to be just fine. Beyond just fine.

Then 2014 came. I was so into traveling that on the first place I was considering to gave a theme "The Year of Traveling, FOR SURE." But then I deliberated to myself. Traveling, without a doubt, will surely be done in 2014. Many times. So it's not about traveling anymore. It should possess a value higher than that.

Then after thoughts and thoughts considered, I welcomed 2014 with theme

"The Year of Worldwide Fun"

Sounds too big eh? Yea at first I kinda thought so. Because the only international trip I committed this year was Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines. That's all. It wasn't even out of Southeast Asia. The rest of the year was Bali, Bangka, and more Bali as the end of this year.

But then like around July or August, I was texting with a friend. We were talking about something and out of the blue he jokingly mentioned about the theme. My theme. I then giggled and told him that I was making too much deal out of it. But he responded with something I didn't even realize.

"Well, at least your friends and things you did were worlwide-ish."

And he was damn right.

Met international multi-races people during my Vietnam-Cambodia trip. From Russian, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Greek, French, Chinese, you mention it! And the best thing is, I've been in touch with some of them, up till this very day.

Then made new cyber friends from New York, keeping in touch with them on a regular basis, with WhatsApp, Skype, made a serious bond with their 11 years old pug, had this discussion of them giving shelter to me if I ever come back to NY again.

Went to Bali with a group of bule. Rode a bike in Ubud's rice terrace, got one of them bule girls fell into the ditch. Along with me. And the bike. That was really something.

Hosted a Vietnam-American guy. Guided him around the town, treated him traditional dishes. Accompanied two gorgeous Polish girls around Jakarta. They were awesome - and one of them keeps sending me postcards from everywhere she travels. Started learning Español and got into a Spanish speaking class, met Irish girl and Serbian guy. Attended a writing session with a senior speaker from Poland - well...

I actually lived what I expected from this year.

It's actually crazy that now my Facebook timeline is even full of people from other places with weird Vietnamese, Thai and Polish letters, Tagalog posts and French sophisticated accents.

Crazy eh?
2014 was so worldwide alright.

And I hope it doesn't just stop this year. For next year, next five years, twenty five - all the years down to the day I die, I hope my life remains worldwide.

We'll see if it's true.
New year is 4 hours away.

Show me what you got, 2015

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