Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hi There, Pluto

Everybody seems to be talking about the outer space right now.

Well, I don't want to miss it then, because inserting #Pluto will lead people to this blog so--lol no, kidding. I sincerely want to join the talk, because space thing has always been one of my childhood fetish.

All picture of Pluto in this post, belong to NASA's Instagram.

I can’t recall when exactly this interest began. It’s pretty blurry either because there was once a TV quiz show which characters explored the universe to solve questions provided in all nine planets or maybe because, Sailor Moon? Can’t tell, really –maybe Sailor Moon.

Pluto, turned out to be my favorite. It was the furthest one, making it the coldest too, it took 250 earth years for the planet to orbit the sun, it was the smallest kid on the block until finally, it sadly was reclassified and excluded from our solar system’s planet list. Oh and of course, never forget the fact that Pluto was also the name of Mickey Mouse’s beloved pet dog –I think I even knew this Pluto way earlier than the planet Pluto itself.

Years after, the former planet still got me mesmerized. After almost 10 years of being forgotten, in the last two days Pluto brought its fame back to the table.

You might now, of course, know that NASA’s New Horizons probe just flew by Pluto yesterday, giving us all a closer look to the outcast sibling. It just blew me away of how far the spacecraft had traveled 3 billion miles through space, spending 9 years in total to finally be able to get close to Pluto it’s just—crazy.

And speaking about closer look. I remember how distorted the pic of Pluto was, when I slowly observed every single detail of each planet on my physics module. Now, the figure taken by Hubble’s telescope has transformed to something we can’t just stop looking at—oh, that heart figure, I wonder what kind of creature resides on that area…

Left is NASA's, right is Hubble's.

Oh and speaking about heart. I found a super interesting article on Buzzfeed, collecting how people see the heart shape with their eyes. Some said it looks like a sloth, Snoopy, and even a suspended bear head –critical way of thinking by the way! But what caught me in awe, was when somebody claimed that Sailor Pluto had long known about the heart shape.

I love coincidences.


Practically, this post is just a compilation of interesting facts I found uber-necessary to be shared. Because I adore our solar system, I adore Pluto and how mysterious it is –or ‘was’, to say the least, and this is just a momentum I couldn’t take for granted.

Thank you, NASA.
You didn’t just answer our wonders.
You also brought our lonely away cousin
Back to our big family

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