Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolutions, Resolutions

Ah, 2011.

Surely the worst year you've ever been through. More bitterness than sweets. Even Bali, The Script, Pitbull and Bandung couldn't completely fill the major hollow that hit you back then. People might not recognize but you're all devastated.

Yea well, that's just a history. A new year has arrived. And something deep, deep inside you convince you that this year is gonna be a huge one, right? Why, maybe because it will be our last year? Remembering Mayan calendar said that doomsday will strike the universe by the end of the year? Haha kidding. Who cares, God's business anyway.

But seriously, you are feeling lucky about the upcoming year. And you've prepared some resolutions. Yea resolutions. An urban tradition that you actually never done before. I know, I know, last year had been way too shattering that you turn your whole perception about the new-year-resolution myth.

So here they are, some hopes and things you need to do this year. And readers please pay attention that this is somewhat a monologue post, which 'you' here refers to me myself.

Read More, Write More
Concerned or not, you've had a quiet significant decrease in writing. Poor words bank, desperate grammar, lots of typos, suffered many loses in competitions, too miserable. Just, read more. You'll be having this all month long full of doing nothing. just join more competitions and read more things at the same time.

Enrich Portfolio
You're in advertising. And you have currently nothing inside your portfolio. Kid please, how do you expect to be accepted in an agency? This is vital, please do something. Anything. Of course, that are related to advert things. Just explore yourself.

Act Calmer About Turning Twenty
Turning twenty. Just thinking about that makes me goosebumps already. Ah well, let's just face it. Everybody turns twenty. It's natural and undeniable and being an adult is not as hard as it seems anyway (entertain self).

Approach God Much Closer
Pray a lot more, much more intensive. Touch the Qoran at least once a week. Just don't stop reminding yourself about how sinful you were, abandoning the holy book for the whole year.

Love Self
Don't get easily distracted, stay focus on what you are doing. Do more exercises, any kinds of exercises, whatever the point is, stay healthy! Also appreciate self decisions and help self accept everything happened. You're in trouble dude. You love people, but you barely take care of yourself. Seriously, love yourself.

A bit late I guess; today is the third day of 2012 already. But hey, resolutions are resolutions. Even if you make it up on June, those are hopes you'll be fighting for.

So finally hello 2012, and go away 2011.
I've had enough storms and thunders last year.
Therefore please... please please pretty please,
Paint me rainbow this year


  1. Been a marvelous year for me :D (y) Yep paint us rainbow this year, and I'd love to step on new places, accomplish new hopes and explore more this year.
    So, where shall we go for another holiday? :p

  2. amen for all our hopes!!

    new places sounds good, but i still wanna go to Bali this year for the last time and i'll start planning on different trip for next year or by the end of 2012 if my money survive this summer ;)

  3. Natasya Andrea PutriJanuary 7, 2012 at 5:44 AM

    from all of it, the one that hits me is turning twenty :| may this year be superb!

  4. amen o God! and yea i know, turning twenty hits all of us generation 2010 haha so nervous...

  5. "being an adult is not as hard as it seems anyway (entertain self)" you will see how hard being twenty is! *hohoho
    btw keep love yourself and stay away from any distraction that will face you in 20 years OLD, vik. :) kidding. success with your Resolutions.

  6. hahaha amin amiiiiin. anyway, harusnya commentnya di postingan yang buat lomba, bukan disini HAHA tapi gapapa gapapa, i appreciate your willingness to leave a comment ;)

    thanks a lot