Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dear Airlines, Sincerely Passenger

Lately, started from two days ago when a friend of mine told me that AirAsia offered promo for the period of January to May 2013, I began regularly visiting the web and checked for some flights I may be interested to fill my fourth-to-fifth semester off.

And I started to feel dizzy. Man these schedules. I can't decide which flight to take cause I really, really want to go to Bangkok but fly there from Jakarta will cost quiet much. So I checked the flights from KL to Bangkok which indeed, were much cheaper than Jkt-Bkk. But if I take this one, I'll have to pay more for my flight from Jakarta to KL and plus, more for my hotel rooms too.

It's sooooo depressing yet I really want to experience this!

Then somehow I remembered to a story told by one of my lecturers about someone who hated Adidas so much that he shared his thoughts on his blog. Then out of nowhere Adidas knew about that and started sending all their products to this someone until he finally flipped and turned to like Adidas, and shared his best experience online.

That happy ending story inspired me to write this:

"Dear AirAsia, 
I hate you and your schedule! I really have no interest to take your flight from Jakarta by January 30th and from KL by February 10th, including your hot seat and nasi lemak. Not to mention your other flight from KL by February 3rd and from Bangkok by February 7th. I don't ever want to take that and your other hot seats plus your finest chicken curry, ever!
Please consider my letter."

Okay, okay I'm just kidding.
But still, deep inside, I'm hoping.
Will I ever get free flights after this?


  1. Lets hope AirAsia does visit your blog. If not, why don't you visit their blog site, and make a comment there. They do reply you. :)

    Regarding airlines and flight, I would suggest keep your options open. Not just to AirAsia. There are actually cheaper fares you can get from full service airlines compared to budget ones.

    1. haha so out of nowhere i come to their site and tell them that i dislike their service? naah, i don't think so :p

      yeah my friend told me so. i guess i'll try tiger airways or some local flights. there are lots of promos from here to KL