Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Life: The Beginning

So gone are the final exam!! Gosh I'm so psyched in welcoming the long long holiday. I got this plan for an intern in my dad's office next week, which actually I'm not officially recruited yet. So yes, if I'm accepted, this gon' be a simulation of my future.

Now as the opening of this glorious moment, also as the celebration of the end of that hectic term back then, I started all these with an unforgettable trip. A friend of mine called me by Tuesday last week, telling me that on Saturday there will be a tremendously cheap flight to


Will I ever reject that? Of course not! The next thing I know, by Wednesday I said yes already and so two friends and I, Dicky and Nana and I, flew to the island of lion for three days and two nights.

And since this was such a spontaneous trip, I committed some new things I've never done before.

New Experience: Dealing With Airports
This is a total brand new thing to do. I've been to Singapore times but all of the things are settled by my dad. Now that I went there by myself... I did the check in, the immigration, the boarding all by myself.

New Places: Spots Untouched by My Fam
Chinatown, never knew it was that oriental. Marina Bay Sands, never knew it was that exclusive. Holland Village, never knew it was that cozy. Arab Street, never knew it was so Pasar Baru. Beach Rd, Suntec City and Bugis Rd, never knew it was... there. Singapore's not just about shopping -tho got to admit, I went there because of the great sale too.

New Dishes: Usual Malay Meals That're Unusual to Me
Seafood laksa, nasi briyani, beef noodle and nasi lemak. I picked the best, I guess. And the beef noodle, I know it's just ordinary. But I don't know, I felt like that's the best beef noodle I've ever tasted. The cook was Chinese so I supposed that umm, maybe I also tasted a liiiiittle bit of pork. Haha just a guess.

New Way to Love Starbucks: Soy Strawberry Frappuccino
I am not a big fan of coffee, I said. So when I came to Starbucks, it's always either chocolate or green tea. But this drink, man, I'm into it. The frappuccino can barely be tasted. And enjoyed it while chit-chatting with my half Singaporean friend, made this beverage officially Singaporish. Can't wait for them showing up in Indonesia.

New Me: It Boy
You noticed my G+ headline? Yea besides my regular me, I also have a wild me whom I met him last year in Bali. Now on this trip, I explored a brand new side of me. He's more like an attention seeker. Thirsty of being looked at. And judgmental. Ahh I miss him already.

New... Lies
Lies will no longer be called lies if they're told. So I left 'em back in Singapore ;)

In summary, I love cheap flights... It got me doing things I never thought I would ever done. Ugh I can't wait for my solo trip to KL and Bangkok on January. And after this, I'll be regularly checking all low-fare airlines like, every time.

I'm gonna get back to you, Singapore.
And this trip, is sooo not a closure.
In fact, it's just a start


  1. seneng bacanya!
    ayo eksplorasi lebih banyak tempat lagi, jgn cuma ke daerah turis, tapi ke wilayah "local people". plus, jangankan ke luar negeri, mungkin bisa coba ke kota-kota di dalam negeri juga. :)

    1. haha iya baaang kemaren kan perginya sama temen yang udah sering kesana, jadi mereka sekarang maunya juga ke tempat tempat yang lokal. udah gitu aku juga ketemu temen yang udah lama tinggal disana kan, jadi ya diajak ke tempat2 baru deh hehe.

      nah kalo soal travelling dalem negeri, hmm belum nemu interest nih. semoga ada sesuatu yang bisa 'maksa' aku nyoba deh ya haha

  2. Ok now you're making want to go singapore again. The last time I went was just a day trip. Flew in morning, night flew back home. KL and Bangkok too? Cool!

    1. yea Singapore and Bali -for me- are addictive, if only i have lots of money, I'll be visiting those two at least once a year haha. anyway, you live in KL right? maybe when I get there you could give me some guidance? hehe :p

    2. Im targeting Bali next year =D
      Yeah I am. Sure you could. Just drop me a line sometime. I'm not a superb tour guide but I'm good. =P

    3. cool, Bali's the best! but also consider Lombok if you want heehe :p
      yaaay thanks, dude! i'll let you know all the details a couple weeks before i depart. my flight will be on Jan 30, anyway

  3. I heard Lombok's a nice place too.. :)
    No probs! That's great. Will keep that date noted.

  4. anyway, buka postingan blog ini dari postingan terakhir, baca lagi, baru sadar, kmu ke Bangkok rencananya Januari toh? aku ternyata.....bakal ke Bangkok awal oktober nanti. hehehe. :P

    1. yahhhh kirain abangnya juga mau ke Bangkok tahun depan haha, akhir oktober mah aku masih kuliah bang ._.