Thursday, June 28, 2012

Note Two: Been Better

Day Nine

I finally found my rhythm on that office. Dealing with daily clipping by the morning, going out for lunch break, then hunting for assignments from my bosses 'till going home. I know I crave for something bigger, but this is enough for a start.

It's been an up-and-down couple of days, actually. Last week I obtained many information about the aspect's working flow, went to the agency to see how agent and client work, and received some tasks. But by Monday, I faced another unemployment line. Sigh that was the worst day ever.

But since after, everything had gone better and better. The chief editors started to trust me. They gave me more articles to edit on Tuesday, more press releases to convert on Wednesday and the best one happened today when they gave me more pages to design and more preface to extract. And they seemed satisfied with my work -hopefully, hopefully... Bu Rini even said that the foreword I made was so good that she sent that right away to the one requested that. This was a blast, thank o Allah!

To make it even better, my silly high school friends came during the lunch break. Ocit and Sindy came first and since the others were just too late, I happened to meet and have meal just with them. Too bad I could only spend half an hour with these people.

One more thing, I mingled quiet well with my colleagues. Well, that's them actually, who's been so funny and kind to me. Those clowns are Pak Daud, Kak Bagus, Mbak Yanti, Bu Riany, Febby and Pak Wendi.

Seriously, they make the office ambient felt so un-office-ish. Sooner when I have time, and their photos, I will tell more about them.

Well, it's one day and four weeks left already.
Things surely zapped faster when I enjoyed things.
Hopefully, I keep feeling this 'till the end of my intern.
And I keep having tasks to do too


  1. aaaah, kemarin ku makan siang di GI, tau gitu ajak kamu sekalian ya, kita makan siang bareng. hehehe. lain kali, makan siang bareng yuk? :D

    1. ayo banget! sebelum puasa nih haha kabarin ya bang kalo makan siang di GI lagi, tapi harus jam 12 pas ya karena jam 1 udah masuk hehe

  2. Natasya Andrea PutriJuly 2, 2012 at 8:01 AM

    Iiih ucul banget sih udah kerja kantoran. kerja dimana vick?

    1. magang doang kok nat haha di BCA GI neh. anyway kemane aje lu?? my blog misses you(r comments) heheh

    2. Natasya Andrea PutriJuly 4, 2012 at 7:16 PM

      waaah seru dong kalo gue ke GI terus ditraktir makan ishishishi. tenaaang, gue tetap jadi pembaca setia blog lo from now on.

    3. traktir?? hmm benar juga, gue masih punya utang traktiran ke lo yah haha. eh udah deng ya?! apa belom sih? lupa ah ._.

  3. Natasya Andrea PutriJuly 5, 2012 at 7:58 PM

    cukup tau aja vick