Thursday, June 21, 2012

For The Mother of Soccer, Shut Up

So just you know, my blog will never post something like music lyrics, top news as people can easily browse from other channels, match reviews, tournament schedules and any other obtainable information.

But for this one, this news, I made an exception.

Italy 2-0 Ireland
Miejski Stadium, June 19 2012

As you all know, Italy won. Mario Balotelli scored one of the goals, on crucial time. Seconds after scoring, right before celebrating, teammate Leonardo Bonucci came to him and shut his mouth tight.

Emotion release. That's what probably Balotelli wanted to do. He was just too tired of those Irish supporters insulting him racially, and by the time he scored a goal, he burnt in fury.

Thank God Bonucci came to 'help' him. Dispelled Balotelli from bursting bad words was the same as saved him from further troubles.

It was friendship that moved Bonucci.
It was for nation's sake that initiated him.
I honor such moments

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