Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ode to The Man

Let's just say, I'm a huge fan of Manchester United. Well that's nonsense. Okay let's say I'm a moderate fan of Manchester United.

There's this one guy as far and as long as I ever known the club, he's so attached to it. Yea because since the day I was born, since the day I decided to be a loyal supporter of MU, the club had been managed by

The architect. The mastermind. You don't talk about performances. He had done the best for MU. Trophies, cups, leagues, victories, you name it. And don't even start talking about team selection. He hatched dozens of football stars.

From the first time I heard name Manchester United,
The only one, single name I ever heard to handle the club, was his.
Picturing the time he'd be forced to stop coaching the club, can't say how down I'll be.

But it's time to face the truth.

He's retired.
And I'm a fan of LFC.
So who am I to feel sad?

Well... I'm a human.
With a firm heart,
And emotions.

And because I'm quiet intolerant with goodbyes.
Because I got my eyes watered when it comes to farewell.
Because I couldn't help but feeling lost, although it's my fave team's rival.

Can't imagine how broken you guys are feeling now.
But I know he gave you prides you've always ever asked.
No more promises, no more owes, he's given the best legacy for all.

So long, Sir!

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