Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finding The Best

Been 10 years.

Saw the first poster in Singapore.
Everywhere in Singapore.

I fell in love pretty quick but,
Had no idea what movie that was.

Until it was released.
And I knew, I liked it.

I watched it at the movie.
Watched it again on pirated disc.
Can't get enough, I bought the original DVD.
Once aired, of course I didn't miss it on local TV.
Along the vacation, I looked for it at the hotel room TV.
I was on as it was replayed again and again by the cable TV.
And when the 3D version movie was out last year, God, I was there.

Every time. Every time I caught the movie,
I just can't stop watching it.

I know the story too well.
I even memorized some phrases
And dialogues out of head but,
I just can't stop watching it.

Cause, I don't know,
It always gave me some peaceful hours.
Enjoying the all blue screen, with colorful coral background...

Especially when it's watched inside a cold, dark room.
And it's gloomy outside. Rain falls. Damn.
Drag me to the ocean already.

Always feels like heaven.
There's no such better animation.

It's just too good to be missed.
I just can't stop watching it.

You did well, Pixar :)

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