Friday, May 17, 2013

This Is Harder Than High School

This year is a party time for football lovers. You know,
Arsenal will come, Chelsea will come, Liverpool will come...

Ah yes, Liverpool will come.
To Indonesia, to the land I'm staying at.

This could actually be like, you know, a chance for me to show the universe that I am trying to be a good fan of Liverpool. And um, this could be the only time for them playing here! I mean, WHEN ELSE WILL THEY BE COMING TO THIS CRAPPY COUNTRY!?

But... Yeah, there's a 'but'.
You know I'm not posting this story for a scrubby reason.
This is a real deal because, you know what, Pitbull will also come this year.

Yes, Pitbull. Again.
The all-time-fave-rapper-of-mine Pitbull.
He'll come. Again. And it gave me some hard times.

I know, I should've just pick Liverpool over Pitbull but... Got to admit, I adore the Cuban bastard much much more than all Liverpool players. Combined.

And the last time he came, well since I obtained his ticket for free, I couldn't help but promised myself that the next time he's coming to Indonesia, I won't risk my chance again by waiting for some stupid free tickets. I will just buy my own ticket instead. No matter how expensive it'll be. No matter what.

And now that he's coming again,
Along with the game of Liverpool,
I don't even know how to react.

Image of Captain Gerrard is from here, and Pitbull's from here.

I drool.
I drool like a mule.

Oh how could I dare to miss the duel
Of my favorite club, right before my stool?

But you know I won't say no to my lengua española fuel.
The guy who made me love to rap like a fool.

Argh, this is so uncool.
If only I have a gold pool,
I don't have to face this mull.

So, Liverpool or Pitbull?
God this bugs me deep into my skull

P.S. : I don't know why, but I have this feeling that somehow, eventually, I get to see both of them this year.
Just, Amen o Lord :')

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