Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stop Two: Stunned

Mui Ne, Vietnam
Planned: 1 day, 0 night
Reality: 2 days, 1 night

The second stop of my Indochina trip. One stop where I got stunned. By the attractions, by the hospitality, by the unique city layout, and by the sun. Like seriously, sun gave me no mercy it struck me hard deep into my skin. Yea I got the worst sunburn along my stay in here.

Basically, I planned to go to Mui Ne only for the sand dune. But things got way too overwhelming the more seconds I stay here. I gave up and spent a night, to enjoy more stunning beauty Mui Ne possesses.

Street in Mui Ne
White sand dune
Fishing Village
Fairy Stream

Although this was an international beach resort area, destiny set me up with Asian people. Well yea I made a nice friendship with the owner, Vietnamese, and met an adventure company along the tour, a Korean, and got our steps slowed by an annoying family, a Chinese one.

So yea these kinds of things that made me stay a bit longer in Mui Ne. And of course, something unplanned will feel a whole lot better to you, won't it?

Well I'm sorry I can't tell much about it.
I have plans of where to spill more things about Mui Ne.
And its breathtaking natural wonder

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