Friday, February 15, 2013

Sakura From The Blue

Ever since one of my friends showed me some mixed-descent-Asian-European girl friends he has, I started to have a thing about those kind of girls. And currently, there is this girl I've been dying to tell you about.

Since last month -or more maybe, I can't recall- I had always been waiting for her appearance every week. Now that she's out of the show, and I would probably not see her again, it's time for her tribute in my way.

Her name is Sofia Wakabayashi

The third runner up of Asia's Next Top Model Cycle One. Or was she just considered as one of the contestants? I don't know. For me she's fine, whatever the judges thought about her that she had to go home before the finale.

She's pretty, she's tall, she's model-like. Boys will fight for her and girls will fight to be like her. But no, let's not talk about her figure.

I'm adoring the mixture her mom and dad gave her when she was born. There is something different beneath her semi-oriental face. Okay it's not just her, it comes from all mixed girls like her.

Oh, I haven't mentioned which part of Asia she obtained her face from, have I? Well you gotta be knowing it from her name but, let's say that you don't know.

It's Japan.
And I'm currently into Japanese.

You know what,
She could really be the reason,
Or maybe my major motivation of
How much I love Japan

Image source: here


  1. de, nihongo no benkyou ha dou datta? :D
    (jadi, belajar bahasa Jepangnya dah bagaimana?)

    1. Sempet berhenti nih karena kepotong jalan jalan padahal bukunya dibawa bawa ampe ke Thailand segala haha tapi abis ini pasti mulai lagi \m/

    2. anyway, an interesting blog post from my friend about Japanese :


    3. Udah langsung aku baca tuh bang haha kereeenn (plus iri :p)!! Thanks yaaa \m/

  2. gue juga sukaaaa.......*biggrin*

    1. Alhamdulillah I'm not the only boy (who watched Asia'sNTM) haha \m/