Saturday, September 27, 2014

First Week, Versed Week

Okay, so...

I got a job now.
A freelance job, tho.

Something my dad really doesn't want me to do, because, you know, "freelance". But this is not a freelance I can do from home. This is a temporary-being-an-employee-for-a-company-go-to-work-Mon-to-Fri-10-to-6-kind-of-freelance to replace their actual employee who's taking her maternity leave. So it's like being a true worker, only in a limited contract. And since the position is something I'd kill for, my dad had no choice but to let me.

Yes, I'm a copywriter.

Crazy eh? It's like the position I've always been longing for, I've always been bragging to my friends in campus that I'd apply soon after graduating. And now I'm living it.

For real. Not as an intern.

It's a local agency called Celsius. In the history of doing interviews, there were two local agencies who were interested to try me. The other local agency was actually too local. Their clients are mostly local brands, although their projects tend to be bigger. Celsius, on the other hand, has more variations of clients. And I still get to write copies in English!

This is why I like it a lot.

So that's why I kinda feel like I nailed my first week. Still pretty idle, to be honest, with so many time wasted for just browsing the internet. But my jobs for the whole week were all in English so I was more than just excited.

And I think I got my job more than right.

Even the boss shocked when I overdid what he asked. And kinda felt overwhelmed because I've finished something I shouldn't have finished yet. I'm too fired, too much driven. But that's good tho, at least I'm showing my boss that I'm actually interested and have that passion to work. Newbie. Typical. But so what, the boss liked it!

Well, guys, lol.

Pardon me for being somewhat too over-confident.
This is my method to keep my zest boosted.
After all this is my very first experience

Entering the real world

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