Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shalom, Ishah Metuka

Let's get all freaky.

Remember the time I confessed about having a crush towards one female protagonist of one crime investigation TV series I like a lot, and really hated her successor so much? Yes, I'm talking about Kate and Ziva here.

For you who didn't watch NCIS, Special Agent Caitlin Todd was the initial female heroine of the show. She could probably end up fornicating Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, one of the male protagonists, if her portrayer Sasha Alexander didn't decide to leave NCIS. Kate then got killed in season 2 finale, replaced by Liaison Officer Ziva David of Israel's Mossad.

At first, I hated Ziva. A lot. She appeared in a very wrong situation, with a very wrong attitude. To make things worse, it was Ziva's half brother who killed Kate. How could I not hate her? :) I also knew, by the first time I watched NCIS, that Ziva remained on the show in way longer terms than Kate did. I just, didn't want my favorite agent be less popular than the newbie.

But as time went by, as I was exposed more and more to Ziva David and her overall background plus personality, as you know my weakness, I began to like her. A lot. But not even close to how I adore Kate. But still. I eventually gave in, and found her really interesting.


It's her growing attitude. From an enemy-material bitch kind of character, to a loyal supportive committed agent. Also her low understanding in American culture. Her natural wild-survival appearance. Her gesture, her way of talking, basically, everything!

And the fact that she's an Israeli added her value for me. I have an Israeli friend and Hebrew somehow began to be so interesting to be learned. Of course Ziva taught me many stuff about how to suddenly surprise my friend. I can out of nowhere greet him in Israeli, use Israeli phrases in the middle of our discussion, many things Ziva said and did along the series, I could just imitate those all and apply it to my friend!

Although apparently, Cote de Pablo who played Ziva, she is Chilean and can't at all speak Hebrew. Well... Does that make me love her less? On the contrary, since I recently am learning Spanish, I LOVE BOTH ZIVA AND COTE!

Well, well, well... As usual, I got carried away.
I was all about Kate, and now, I'm all about Ziva.
Which leads me now to guess what you are thinking.
I'm thinking that you're thinking of what I'm thinking about

Which one is better, right?

Well, to be honest, I can't pick.

I've been too attached to Kate so no matter how realistic things go, I'd always pick her. But then Ziva's character was just so smooth, she was a bad ass who brought more colors, tensions, as well as stories to the overall NCIS series. But please keep in mind that Ziva appeared after NCIS survived its vulnerable yet crucial first-two-seasons. Without Kate's constant appearance, it's not impossible that NCIS might had been cancelled already by FOX long ago.

But as far as I believe, both Kate and Ziva made the team looked so much vibrant. Despite the fact that Kate was a former President's bodyguard, and Ziva was even wilder an assassin, the two girls made the show, sweet.

Caitlin Todd's pic's from here, Ziva David's from here.

So, Kate or Ziva?

I don't know. Well, at some point, maybe I actually know.
But I prefer to act like I don't know

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