Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Let me just peel one by one the layers of my true identity.

Usually, I really put a massive jealousy towards people my age, that has become very famous or successful in his or her own way. Let's get back to yesterday's World Cup. If you notice who I felt so envy to, ya, it was Neymar. He's 22, popular, rich, and I hate him. I know, it's very pity. But I can't handle it it's one of my weird natures.


Maybe I've grown to be a more mature man in just two months but, now I don't think I have that thing anymore. Pft, no, I still hate Neymar. He'll always be on my death note til doomsday comes. I was talking about the jealousy. Ya it's kinda disappear. Or maybe it has a higher tolerance level now. I don't know. But the thing is, I don't feel much of a jealousy, when I see

S  A  M     S  M  I  T  H


In fact, I love his art. His songs. He has a weird voice tho, but it's unique. And I happen to like many of his songs. It's just not my habit, you know, to listen to something slow, sway and, a bit sad. You know I listen to Pitbull and all those upbeat music. But then when Sam appeared with his money on his mind, I just fell. To the ditch. Of course not! I fell, in love with his music!

Then compared to Neymar who's a month older than me, Sam's two months younger. So according to my "guide to hating people", I should've carried more grudge towards Sam. Because he's younger than me, he's a newborn singer but globally noticed, classy, got an attitude, well, I gotta stop because if I keep mentioning, I'll begin to hate him :)

Now why do I accept him more than Neymar? Well, maybe because the field of music is more reliable to me than sport -you know I'm not a big fan of doing sports- so I'm acting much rational to Sam than Neymar, so... There we go.

Or maybe, maybe... Because of the fact that Neymar's been like all over the world I only been able to dream of, meeting all kinds of football stars I only been able to see from the internet, because of those two big points I've been longing to come true, that could be the reason why. While Sam, he's a newbie. And I never been exposed to him being somewhere in the other side of the globe that can make me being jealous about. Maybe.


Don't get too all comfy now.
Because if you ever travel the world,
Or worse yet, meet Pitbull or even collaborate,
You'll surely be be on top of the list, of people my age
Whose ass I want to kick hard

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