Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Verge

How many times, in this blog, did I tell and brag to you that a copywriter will always be my dream job? I told that many times along my study. Wait, are you thinking--oh no, really, it's not that I'm no longer into being a copywriter no, I'm still dying to be one.

Until I realize, that my other 'stuff' is interfering.

Travel Writing.

I never realized how much I'm actually into this field until I started my book project. It was so alive, so flawless, I enjoyed every page I wrote and the next thing I knew, I had 200 pages ready to be sent to anyone like, ANYONE, who would want to publish my script.

So now I feel like, petrified.
Standing at the end of the road,
Facing two branching streets,
And I have to pick one.

I've been through several job interviews. Two of which were interviewed by expats. Which, apparently, both turned out to be the best two interviews I've ever done. Why, is it because I nailed both? Well I rock'd the first one, but definitely not for the second.

Let's talk about it one by one.

The first one was on May. My very first professional interview ever -and it was 3 hours public transport riding from home. I was interviewed for a writer position. Travel writer for a website, to be exact. The interviewers -yes, multiple, for my very first interview- were kind of flattered about me. We had a great convo tho, it wasn't even like a formal interview at all.

But then my limited editorial experience held me back from getting the job. The interviewer updated me about anything, shortly after my interview, and even gave me suggestions about how to improve my chance in succeeding journalism. I didn't feel so much upset tho because, I figured that I still have to enhance my skill.

Now the second best interview, it was two weeks ago. This time, I applied as what I've always been longing for: a copywriter. In a big multinational agency. A road to my dreams come true. But that didn't happen smoothly. A very strict woman interviewed me.

This'll be a pain in my ass, I told myself as I learned that she's very cold and flat. I could tell that she wasn't even impressed at all and I was totally correct. And right after I shut my mouth of presenting my portfolio, the first thing came out of her lips are "can I just be frank?"

"Crap, this ain't be good" my inside trembled like shit but my face showed the sweetest smile I could ever generate.

She started pointing out that my portfolio wasn't strong enough. Too campus-ish. She then lectured me this and that, and I couldn't even forget about the topic of "choosing what's the best in life". It was hard for me to actually accept those words from somebody who just rejected me, but, apparently, this became the interview that opened my eyes about what I really want.


The two interviews, from two distinct industries, made me realized that I haven't figured out which way I'd totally want to dive really deep into. I don't even have strong bases on both fields it's like, I only commit to fifty fifty in each.

So should I let go one of them and focus on the other one?
But, which one? Giving the fact that I love, both of them?


Don't call me Vicky if I ever give up on what I like.
I have plans, believe me :)

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