Thursday, October 9, 2014

¿Listo Para...?

These past two weeks, to me,
Had been so, how do I say it, oh!


Why I don't know. Maybe because last week I went to see Stomp. For free -sorry I can't stop bragging about this miracle. Then yesterday, I got to see some other dancing performance. This time it was even bigger. Even more elegant, swag-less and felt more artistic. To make it more dramatic, it was held in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta.

A flamenco from Spain.
If it wasn't that, I might not be interested to come.

Apparently I've been a fan of this dance even before I knew that the performance is called "flamenco". Well I must thank Tom and Jerry's episode "Mucho Mouse" for that. The very first time I was exposed to the adorable clapping hands dance. I can't recall how old I was back then, but I'm pretty sure I was young enough as I used to dance along as a dancing matador with my brother being the bull. Many times.

Then four years ago. World Cup 2010. I bet you won't ever forget how phenomenal song "Wavin Flag" was. Crazy remarkable and I must say, along with "Waka Waka", World Cup 2010's theme songs were all better than -it's so hard to say this- 2014 Pitbull's "We Are One". It was adapted into many other languages including Arabian, French, Indonesian -pft, Grecian, many many more and of course, Spanish. Sung by David Bisbal, he did a very little flamenco claps for the clip. Very little, but really inspirational. I still even see the clip until today.

So would I miss the show?
Of course not!

Just me trying to imitate what I just watched

I enjoyed every single bit of the dancer's movement. Every single bit. I enjoyed the tunes, the drum beats, the oh-so Espanol guitar plays, man! Who would've thought I could actually see the real flamenco performed by the professional dancer!

And it was, that, damn, inspirational. Not that I want to start practicing flamenco lol no -although yea, I really find the clapping part of the dance extremely fancy and arrogant in a good way damn I want to try doing that everyday. It was inspirational because, it makes me wanna know more about Spain. I adore the language. In fact, I'm learning it right now. And I wanna adore more about it.

Well it's not only that.
It was also inspirational because,
It makes me wanna do something off my habit.

Watching shows like that, is really not my thing. This also became the major reason why I missed the real Broadway shows along my stay in New York. Well yea, because I didn't have that much interest. Yet.

But after Stomp, and especially after Flamenco, I just realized that I actually have a thing in this. Well I'm pretty sure I won't fall for every single kind of shows but, at least now I know I can stand sitting in front of a stage, shutting up for one or two hours and enjoying a show.

"One of my friends, a New Zealander, went along to GKJ. Once she got into the inside building she was practically amazed by the interior. Then she said something that lingered really good in me. This is so un-Jakarta.
What she meant was the building. But what I interpreted,
Was the habit of me watching a live show like that."

It's so not me, really.
Yet I enjoyed both shows.

Maybe I'm ready.

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