Friday, October 10, 2014

Childhood Conspiracy

Childhood is like, something I can’t get over with.
Especially mine. The 90s and early 2000s.

So I was on this discussions with one of my seniors. We were talking about cartoons and characters and stuff, and we ended up mentioning the Sailor Moon.

Okay first of all, before you judge me things, I didn’t watch the whole series. I just happened to know that Sailor Moon has lots of female characters with personalities and superpowers based on planets in the Milky Way. See, those are two things I actually like. Planets, and stories with dozens of characters. That’s why I briefly knew Sailor Moon. Not that deep, okay, just, briefly. And I happened to have a minor crush too. For Sailor Neptune –whose name I didn’t know up till last week.

Now back to the discussion with my senior. Just right when I mentioned Sailor Neptune, a very big secret I never thought I'd heard from my childhood revealed right before my very ears.

My senior told me that Sailor Neptune, along with her so-called mate Sailor Uranus, were lesbians.

Pft, stupid trivia thingy trying to ruin my childhood. I didn’t believe it right away as I categorized that news with other stupid facts my friends and I used to share during our pre-elementary school like “casts of Teletubbies died of losing breath inside the costume” or “the true ending of Doraemon says that Nobita is actually an idiotic child and all his adventures with the cat robot were all just his imaginations”. Just, what an unreliable news.

But still. When I got home, I browsed Google. Just to make myself sure, as I, again, knew so limited about the serial so who knows that it was all just pure rumor but… Well what can I say, the senior was true.

I mean, what the hell!?

How could sensitive issues like that appeared so early in the childhood stage? And in the cartoon which almost all the audiences were girls? Okay most countries cencored their relationship and made it like both Sailors were cousins and stuff, but back in Japan, it was that obvious!

Crazy yes?

I just remembered a little that Haruka Tenoh -ya now I know the name of Sailor Uranus as I kept browsing about her since last week- was a shorthaired blond, paired almost all the time with Michiru Kaioh -and of course I know Sailor Neptune’s name too. But I just didn’t notice that on the regular life, when she’s not a Sailor, Haruka was an extreme tomboy dressing like a macho guy. Well, ya, because I just simply thought that that character was actually a boy and not an alter-ego of Sailor Uranus!

Oh, sorry if I make a big deal out of this.
Really, it’s not that I’m against lesbians no.
In fact, so just you know, I'm excited instead!

I’m more like, you know, curious of what else I did miss during my childhood. Or what else I did see everyday, on a daily basis, but I just took it for granted because I didn’t notice there was anything wrong with it! Now that this came up to the serial I barely watched, I'm dying to know what kinds of tricky scheme those cartoonists did to my favorite shows.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, crap I was tricked all these years...

Shit now I’m more obsessed about my childhood.

More than ever

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