Friday, October 3, 2014

USA: Complete

Remember last year?

No? Ah, c’mon, it’s October, and I bet you won’t ever forget what happened October last year. Okay at this exact date, I was vacuum for a while. But two weeks after, I was like all mellow, couldn’t move on and stuff. Get it now? Yea.

Shit man. Forget last year when I was just arrived. Even today, I still can’t get over it. Well I’m not going to talk about how I miss US. Yet. Because today last year, I was still there. Starting the MUN conference -oh my God I even remembered the details. Not yet whining about going home. So I’m not gonna start bragging about how I can’t move on, before October 13th, the day I arrived home last year. Save the date, you might not wanna visit this blog on that day.

So why am I bringing this up now?

There’s something from my visit to the US last year, that I felt so much regret about. It was The Broadway show. I was there on the street like, many times, but not even once I planned to see at least one of the famous shows. Well I can’t all blame myself for that, because I was pretty strict on my budget anyway so... Yea.

A year went by, but
Regret still lingers on me.
However, faith finds its way.

Stomp came to Jakarta. One of the Broadway's best deal came to my hometown. I've been exposed to the publications for so long but seeing the price, I felt like maybe I need to wait until I could fly back to NY and just see it there. If that ever happens again. But just before I returned home from the office last night, a friend told me that he's got a free ticket to see the show. Was I happy? No, I was hysterical.

I left the office, rushed to the bus, cursed the universe for that big unnecessary traffic occurred along the way -seriously, usually it wasn't that heavy, ran to catch the bus which apparently moved so fvckin slow. But after all I could manage to catch the show, although I was just seconds away from missing the opening doors.

Then I sat on the best spot for two hours, extremely entertained by the show. Eight crazy performers using cans, buckets, trolleys, it wasn't just their magnificent skills that I adored, it was also the comedy! I couldn't believe my eyes on some level of their performance, but giving the thought that they came from the Broadway, okay, no wonder they could do that.

It was restricted to use camera and recorders inside. So I got the pic from here.

Crazy show.
Crazy timing.
Crazy coincidence.
I mean, what are the odds?!

One of the Broadway’s best deal came to my hometown, performing on the dates I was visiting the US last year, I got the free ticket and it was… The Platinum Class!? It was worth 1.3 milion rupiah, so just you know. Not to mention the fact that I came late but still on time, the gate was still open, it closed right after I stepped in, and the show started just a minute after I sat my ass on the perfect seat I was like only 10 meters from the stage!?

It was the best gift I could ever ask
To cure my longing for America.
And it came just right on time,
Right when I needed it.

God loved me.

Oh and Uncle Sam did too

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