Sunday, December 7, 2014


It's been a while.

I even forgot what the last thing that I wrote was. Well, it's actually easy as I just need to click "view blog" and check it out myself. But the pressure of seeing my blog with not much updates, I can't take it. So I just went straight away to making new posts section.


I been through so many things lately. Meeting new friends, getting along with my co-workers -which unfortunately I'll be saying goodbye to, at the end of this month, participating in The Color Run, well, I can make a book out of everything I did in the past four weeks. And speaking about book--well, never mind. Maybe later.

I'd love to tell every single thing happened to me but, it'll take forever. So I'm gonna break it down to three big topics that, yea, I'm doing this because all of these topics can't be loaded in just one post. This blog will explode.

So those three things are:
2. Citra Pariwara 2014
3. Something Neverland

That's all. Nothing else to say.
I hope I can maintain this mood to write.
Because if I wait until I resign to start writing,
Those three topics would just


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