Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mockingjay Part One

Katniss destroyed the 75th Hunger Games arena and was instantly rescued by District 13. Leaving Peeta who eventually got captured by The Capitol--wait, de javu, de javu... Think I've done this before... Oh ya! I did, but for the book. But I think it's the same so, I might wanna skip it.


What did I feel right after? Actually, not "right after". More like, "during". And the answer to that is, I cried. During the movie, yes. Well I knew the story pretty well. As I re-read the book several weeks before the movie was released. I cried because I got carried away. Katniss' rebellion, I never thought it was that touching, before I saw J.Law on screen. She played the role beyond perfection. Her gesture, her face, her trembling body... I never completely agree that she suits well with Katniss Everdeen, before this movie. Then we have Alma Coin. Oh President Coin. I was more than grateful when they picked Julianne Moore for the role. Well I didn't expect her to play really well as what I inferred from the book, Coin is a cold-hearted bastard I couldn't even guessed how she actually is in real life. But Moore's versatility was really relieving to me and I was right! She played damn good.

And the whole movie was, I don't know, maybe I'm a little biased because I am a fan of the trilogy but, it was that mesmerizing. The terror, the pressure, it was just exactly what I felt when I read the book. Even more. Although some scenes from the book were removed but, with that kind of output, I don't even care if they kicked Gale out of the script.

But what trembled me the most, was something off the storyline. It's Philip Seymour Hoffman. Well to be honest I have no idea who he was until he appeared as Plutarch in Catching Fire. But then, maybe because I love character Plutarch itself, I felt like I really love this guy. Philip Seymour Hoffman. And seeing him all healthy, bright with positive smile all along the movie, it just broke my heart.

Well, well. Look at this.

In the world of Neverland blog I'm running, movie review should only consists one prologue paragprah in English, one review paragraph in Indonesian, and if necessary, a glimpse of closing statement in English. But look what I did today.

It just shows how much I love...
Katniss? J. Law? Plutarch? Philip?
No. Suzanne Collins

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